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Featured Student:Liquitha Rogers

Name: Jometrick King

Age: 25

Hometown: Washington, DC

Job Corps Center: Old Dominion Job Corps Center, Monroe, Virginia

Occupational Area: Plumbing

Education: High School Diploma, Honor Roll, Principal List, Martin Luther King, Jr., Citizenship Award, Duke Ellington Arts Award.

Favorite hobbies: Weight lifting, football and playing video games.

I joined Job Corps because: To better myself socially and mentally and to enhance my work ethics. 

Job Corps is helping me achieve my goals: By providing me with exceptional training and workforce ethics that I will need to succeed as I prepare to enter the workforce.

The things I like most about Job Corps: Are the skills that are provided to help me succeed in the future as I prepare to enter into a challenging and exciting career.

Advice to current and future Job Corps students:Do not ever forget what you came to Job Corps for. Stay focused and don’t let distractions divert you from your future.  Whatever your goal is “aim high” and be the best in  whatever you do.

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Page last updated: Thursday, September 25, 2014