What Can Job Corps Do for You?

Smiling Job Corps student working on an engine

What you want:

  • A better-paying job.
  • Financial assistance while you learn.
  • An experience that will jump-start your career.

What we'll give you:

  • Hands-on career technical training with real employers to make sure that the skills you learn are the ones you need. See our Careers page for details.
  • Education that applies to real-world business. You can earn a high school diploma or GED at the same time you are learning important career technical skills.
  • Money for each month you're in the program. But just like a real job, taxes are deducted from your allowance.
  • The path to a promising career. Job Corps works with you to develop a personalized career development plan including an area of training that will offer high-paying job opportunities.
  • Services to help you be healthy and happy. Job Corps students have access to on-center health clinics, and some centers even provide special programs for students who are single parents.
  • A safe environment that promotes your growth and development. See our Center Life page for more information.
  • Help finding a job. Job Corps will help you develop interview skills, finalize your resume, and search for a job that matches your career technical skills training.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2011